How to upgrade KAWA T6/T6 pro by SD card.

Apply to: KAWA T6, KAWA T6 pro


If the KAWA T6/T6 pro security camera can not give out beep sound when you press the reset button, we suggest you do hard-upgrade on the problem camera for a try.
Please get the camera firmware from KAWA support.
And follow the steps to upgrade the camera by SD card

1. Power off the camera.

2. Use a 32GB micro SD card or below 32GB, and format the SD card to be FAT32 at first.

3. Put all the files into the root directory of the SD card.

4. Insert the card into the camera.

5. Power on the camera(it will automatically identify the update file in the card)

6. The indicator light will flash red and green alternately.

7. After the upgrade is completed, the camera will automatically restart.

After you hard-upgrade the camera, please try to set up the camera again.

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