About KAWA

KAWA started up in 2006. We have been focused on the design, R&D and manufacturing of intelligent security products. We have the R&D team of more than 300 people, and nearly 2000 manufacturing personnel in the automatic production base of 90000 square meters.

Based on machine vision as the core and deep-learning algorithms as the soul to build smart hardware products, through continuous innovation, leading products with scientific and technological charm will be brought to global consumers, let people enjoy the comfortable and pleasant life in the safe and convenient environment which created by intelligent technology.

KAWA R&D Internal Capabilities

KAWA have our own laboratory in R&D office which can proceed focusing, temperature test, vibration test, aging test, drop test, insertion and extraction force life test, ESD test etc.

KAWA Manufacturing Industrial Park Center

KAWA Manufacturing Industrial Park is equipped with 16 fully automatic high-speed SMT placement lines, 8 fully automatic tuning production lines, 60 high-end assembly production lines, and 3 intelligent production workshops. The park is equipped with the industry's most advanced automation testing and production equipment, as well as an information-based production management system.

KAWA's Exhibitions

KAWA Vision:

Better Life, Safer and Smarter.

KAWA Mission:

From home to car, exceeding customer expectations