KAWA T6/T6 pro fails to connect to WiFi

If you fail to set up the camera by WiFi, when you try to set it up by WiFi again, please stay on your phone's WiFi setting page for more than 30s to make sure the phone connects to KAWA_XXXX stably, then go back to the App.

WiFi page on your phone

Please make sure your phone connects to the KAWA WiFi successfully. 

If still fail, please check if your WiFi password includes special words, it is suggested to use only English words and numbers as WiFi password for a try. 

If the camera still fails to connect to the WiFi, it is suggested to connect the camera to the PoE adapter or connect it to the router directly with DC power adapter to check if it can connect to the network, that is to check if the network module of the camera works normally.


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