KAWA T6 pro Security Camera

Turn Night Into Day

Say goodbye to limited color night vision, experience the daytime view at night as well.

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True Color Night Vision

The key to KAWA T6 Pro’s performance lies in its innovative features. The cameras are equipped with a 1/1.79" stacked CMOS sensor that enhances data analysis speed and ensures superior night vision capabilities. Furthermore, KAWA T6 Pro security camera boasts an F1.0 super-large aperture lens. This substantial increase in light collection significantly enhances visibility in low-light environments. With an exceptional 4MP super HD resolution of 2688*1520, KAWA T6 Pro security camera provides crystal-clear image details. Its true color night vision technology ensures vivid and accurate color representation even in the darkest conditions. To achieve true color night vision, KAWA T6 Pro relies not only on the lens and sensor technology but also on powerful chipsets and advanced algorithms. The camera features a quad-core Cortex-A7 CPU, clocked at up to 1GHz, significantly boosting overall performance. Additionally, the NPU (Neural Processing Unit) operates at 4TOPs@INT4, delivering four times faster deep neural network-based AI computing.

  • The calm sea at night
  • The train theme park at night
  • The driveway at night

Capture Every Movement & Moment

The fundamental feature of a security camera is motion detection, and KAWA T6 series cameras excel at capturing all types of movements in their surroundings. Moreover, these cameras are equipped with advanced human detection capabilities, significantly reducing the occurrence of false alerts. Additionally, they offer motion zone configuration, allowing you to exclude specific areas where certain actions do not require notifications. By leveraging the motion zone settings, you can conveniently avoid unnecessary alerts and optimize the camera's functionality to suit your specific needs.

Control Via KAWA AIoT App

With the KAWA AIoT App, you can effortlessly connect to your camera and monitor your home from anywhere, as long as your phone is connected to the internet. Enjoy the convenience of making personalized settings for your camera directly through the app. KAWA AIoT App is free to download and upgrade, ensuring easy access to its features and functionalities. Stay informed and in control with the KAWA AIoT App's instant motion alerts sent directly to your phone whenever the camera detects activity. This seamless notification system allows you to stay vigilant and keep track of everything happening in your home at any given time, granting you peace of mind and enhanced security.

Talking, Siren & Spotlights - Warning Help

While KAWA T6/T6 Pro security cameras excel at delivering true color night vision without the need for supplemental lighting, we have equipped these cameras with spotlights to provide additional alert assistance. For instance, you have the option to activate the spotlight to deter potential intruders or threats effectively. Also, the cameras support two-way audio, you can talk and listen to the camera even when you are outside.

More Convenience, Work with Alexa

Control it with your voice. Just ask Alexa to show the video of your camera on the Echo Spot, Echo Show or Fire TVs, and everything is done.

Diverse Storage Functions

KAWA T6 pro security cameras are equipped with advanced H.265 compression video coding, supporting up to 256GB micro SD card, and also cloud storage. You can check the recordings stored in the card/cloud via KAWA AIoT App and connect the card to the computer to check the recordings.

Suitable for All Weathers

No matter the weather conditions—rainy, windy, or snowy—KAWA T6 Pro cameras are designed to withstand and excel in any climate. Rest assured, these cameras are built to endure and deliver reliable performance regardless of outdoor conditions.

What's in the box?

1 x KAWA T6 pro camera

1 x DC power adapter

1 x User manual

1 x Mounting gasket

1 x Waterproof kit

1 x Positioning stickers

1 x Screw set

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