How to choose a baby monitor when buying a baby monitor for the first time?

How to choose a baby monitor when buying a baby monitor for the first time?

    Whether you’re a first-time parent or you’re welcoming another baby into your family, you've  probably already been troubled of how to choose a favorite baby monitor.I'm coming to help you learn more about baby monitor and how to choose a suitable one.

What types of baby monitors are there?

  • Audio baby monitor
  • Video & audio baby monitor
  • Wireless network baby monitor
  • Without Wifi baby monitor

What kind of functions would be better for baby monitors? 

  • Privacy Guaranteed, only viewed by yourself
    It uses an encrypted 2.4GHz FHSS radio signal,risks of hacking and security breach do not exist. No WiFi, no apps downloading or account creation required, ensures a secure and private live-stream that is only for you.
  • Instant Sound Alert and Temperature Alert
    A built-in microphone can pick up low sound up to 20ft away for louder volume and crisper audio.It is set with a maximum and minimum temperature to protect the baby's safety.
  • Out-of-range announcement
    You can have the freedom to achieve other tasks in your life, such as cooking, dishwashing, cleaning the baby bottles, doing yoga, reading, working, and sleeping. It can stay connected stably up or down a flight of stairs, across the house, and on a patio or garden, up to 1000 feet long range.
  • Night vision
    You don't need to keep an eye on your little one throughout the night as he will suddenly wake up and cry in the middle of the night. Auto night vision technology continues to monitor clearly so you can get your zzzzz's peacefully. No red dot or red light from the camera, will not cause any disturbance to your baby.
  • White Noise & Six Lullabies
    The white noise and soothing lullabies can create a sound environment for deep sleep, transport you and your little one into dreamland and get a good night's rest. Bring you more energy to take care of your loved one. Plus, KAWA video baby monitor comes with adorable

   Kawa baby monitor will make you more free and less worries.With no WiFi, 5" 720P HD Display, Night Vision, Temperature Sensor, 2-Way Audio, PTZ, White Noise, 20Hrs Battery, 1000ft Range and so many function. The best choice of mother, you can just click here to know more.
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