【Compatible Most】Compatible with KAWA baby monitor and most universal baby monitor camera with 1/4 threaded hole.

【Get the Best View】 This baby monitor mount makes it super convenient to setup the camera wherever your baby is sleeping. See your baby up close.

【Strong and Sturdy】This universal baby monitor mount is strong enough to hold your devices securely.

【Easy to Use】Install it within 5 minutes, without tools or wall damage. Hook the screw into the baby monitor holder base, align with the hole of the KAWA baby monitor, snap it in, then push back a little, snap it tight and let the tape stick firmly.

【Service】30 days money-back and 12-month manufacturer’s warranty can give you peace of mind about your purchase and assurance that a great team is ready to help every step of the way.

$39.99  $19.99
Long Battery

Our video baby monitor with high-capacity 4,000mAh battery provides whole day monitoring on screen-off mode.

Upgraded Non-disturbing Night Vision

No red dot or red light from the baby camera, without causing any disturbance to your baby. Superior night vision offers you real scenes even in dim light conditions.

1000ft Range Transmission

Get stable visuals up to 1000 feet range. Easily receive your baby's smile the first time whether you are in your study, kitchen, bedroom, garden, or on the second floor. (*Note: 1,000ft within a wide, unobstructed area.)

Instant Sound Alert

Built-in microphone can pick up low sound up to 20ft away from your baby’s room for louder volume and crisper audio. Get alerted immediately when your baby needs you via the advanced sound detection technology.

Get a KAWA baby monitor, get a balanced work-life.

You may feel chaotic or anxious whether you’re a first-time parent or growing your family, especially when you have to work while taking care of your baby. KAWA baby camera monitor can offer you peace of mind. Contain all features most parents would desire for a baby monitor according to tens of thousands of surveys.

  • 4X Zoom
  • 2-Way Audio Intercom
  • Enhance Night Vision
360° Panoramic View & 4X Zoom

Each corner is covered with pan 350° and tilt 67°, easily making the video monitor controlled remotely. Need a closer look? 4X zoom makes it possible to watch every detail of your baby more closely and clearly.

Room Temperature Sensor

Built-in temperature sensor will notify you with a sound alert and message when the temp exceeds the set range. Ensure your baby is in a comfortable environment.

2-Way Audio Intercom

Sometimes all your baby needs is to hear your voice. The convenient built-in microphone and speaker allow you to quickly and remotely soothe your baby, providing a full sense of security. So you can enjoy a peaceful morning in the kitchen or elsewhere in the home.

VOX Sleep/Wake & Audio-only Mode

In optional Audio-only mode, you can also hear your baby's voice in real time with the screen off. In Smart VOX mode, the monitor screen will turn on when detecting a sudden voice, like crying or shouting from your baby. You will know instantly when you are needed.

Product Comparison

2K QHD Resolution

Support Recording/Playback: Yes

Large 5'' IPS Display

Enhance Night Vision

Room Temperature and Sound Alert

Two-way talk

360° Panoramic View: pan 350° and tilt 67°

VOX Mode / Audio-only

Long Battery & Long Distance:
1000ft Range & 4000mAh for Monitor.
Camera: plug in outlet.

Without the Risk of Hacking
No Wi-Fi, No APP

Baby Monitor S6


720P Resolution

Support Recording/Playback: No

Large 5'' IPS display

Enhance Night Vision

Room Temperature and Sound Alert

Two-way talk

360° Panoramic View: pan 350° and tilt 67°

VOX Mode / Audio-only

Long Battery & Long Distance:
1000ft Range & 4000mAh for Monitor.
Camera: plug in outlet.

Without the Risk of Hacking
No Wi-Fi, No APP



Is the sound alert sensitive enough?
Yes, the Sound Alert is highly sensitive. The baby monitor's original intention is to let you know your baby's movements in real time and know your baby is safe. You can turn it off or lower the sensitivity. Please do not install it near the air conditioner, otherwise, it may cause false alarms.
How is the transmission range?
KAWA baby camera monitor can stay connected stably upstairs or downstairs, across the house, and on a patio or garden, up to 1000 feet long range. *Note: 1,000ft within a wide, unobstructed area.
Can the white noise play on the baby camera?
The white noise can play on the monitor for parents, and the lullaby can play on both the camera and monitor. When the monitor plays white noise, you can't hear the sound from the baby camera. But the monitor from your side will receive a sound alert immediately when your baby is crying and the noise around your baby reaches the set threshold. Please do not worry.
I am not able to change the monitor mode. Even when selecting vox threshold or audio only it's automatically back to vox.
If you need audio only functionality, you can turn off the vox feature first so there are no more vox reminders. If you still have questions, please contact kawa's official email address. I hope my answer will help you.

Two-Way Audio: Talk Like You’re Here

Built-in mic & speaker allow you to listen and talk back to whoever the camera catches in real time: A “hello” to families and friends or a warning to suspicious strangers.

Microphone Speaker

Discover the Freedom of Flight

Lose yourself in total immersion as you swoop and dive like never before. Combine Avata with DJI goggles for a life-like flying experience.

2K Picture-Prefect Detail

4X clearer than ordinary 720p resolution,see your baby's each tiny movement.

2-Way AudioIntercom

The convenient built-in microphone and speaker allows you to quickly and remotely soothe your baby.

Product Design Inspiration Source Stories

In medieval Europe,the unicorn became associated with Christianity,and was often depicted as a symbol of Christ or the Virgin Mary.It was believed that the horn of the unicorn had magical properties,and could purify water,heal sickness.