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How did baby monitor change my life?

1、what has been confusing me after I gave birth?

        As a first-time mother, I was both excited and nervous. At the moment of giving birth, I felt that everything was worth it. My baby brought a lot of happiness to our family. At the same time , there were also some things that confused me. What's the matter? 

Like most mothers, we also want to have our own space and time after giving birth. At the beginning, I was vexed. Cause I needed to get up from time to time to take care of my baby, give the breast to my baby and take care whether the sleeping environment was good. In my daily life, I need to keep watching my baby almost every moment, so that I don’t have much time to do my work, housework, or exercise. Because I always worry about my baby, even if I like it very much. So I was thinking about how to solve it?   


2、How to get freedom from a baby monitor for those first-time mom?

  • It helps me reduce more time, I can do housework, work, and entertainment.

  • Only viewed by myself: It uses an encrypted 2.4GHz FHSS radio signal,risks of hacking and security breach do not exist.
  • Cute camera cover, my baby love it so much.
  • Connect up to 4 cameras:I keep an eye on up to 4 rooms in your house at the same time.
  •  Clear and high-quality pictures and sounds:It is the 720p resolution.
  • Instant Sound Alert:A built-in microphone can pick up low sound up to 20ft away for louder volume and crisper audio.
  • Room Temperature Alert:it is set with a maximum and minimum temperature to protect the baby's safety.


With Kawa baby monitor, it makes me less worries.I hope this breakdown helps to know a practical baby monitor, and also know how to choose some useful functions.

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